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“Slowking, Time Puzzle, Darkrai EX and more…” – The Best Cards From BREAKpoint!

In this article, I go over what I consider to be some of the best and/or most interesting cards in the new set, BREAKpoint. There is no ordered list here, just a free-form analysis of what I find most impressive on the horizon. To find out what any of these cards do, Bulbapedia's BREAKpoint page is your best bet. To begin, I want to start with some real Pokemon royalty..
Ghetsis Colress

“Preparing for Winter Regionals” – The Hot Cards You Should Consider Playing and Shifting Back From Standard To Expanded

In this article, I take a somewhat free-form approach and first go over a variety of “hot” cards that I think could use a bit of deeper discussion – the sort of cards that quietly tie lists together, provide extra utility, or even subtly define a format, with an emphasis on Expanded (considering that Winter Regionals will be in this format). I also provide you with some observations and advice regarding the shift from Standard back to Expanded that many players are experiencing post-Cities.

Playing and Facing Sableye/Garbodor in Expanded

Hello again, Phinnegan here! Sableye/Garbodor is in my opinion the most unique deck in Expanded at the moment. I remember when my friend Dylan Dryer posted the first list on SixPrizes, and the concept was very outlandish. Even now, not much has changed. The strategy is still somewhat hard to wrap your head around, especially if you are not used to this sort of deck. Because of this, I have recently taken an interest in it.

“About a Wolf, a Dog and a Bat” – Manectric/Seismitoad/Crobat Analysis

Hello there, trainers, and happy 2016! Today we’re going to be taking a look at a deck we haven’t covered too much, that has proven to have quite the metagame share in Standard: Manectric/Seismitoad/Crobat! I first saw this deck appear pre-Breakthrough (but post-rotation) on a British stream, where a player named Tamao Cameron was simply using Manectric-EX in conjunction with Crobat and nothing else.

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“It’s Lonely At The Top” – How Yveltal/Zoroark Can Reclaim It’s Number One Spot

Up until recently, Yveltal/Zoroark was the most dominant deck throughout Standard City Championships, in terms of Top Cut placements and the total number of Championship Points collected. However, a disappointing week six where it was only the tenth most successful deck, without a single win to it's name, saw Night March overtake it as the best deck from Cities so far.

“A New Way To Chaos Wheel” – Fairy Giratina In Standard!

Everyone knows how powerful Giratina EX can be. It's ability to block damage from Mega Pokemon, and lock the opponent out of playing Special Energy, Tools, and Stadiums, can slow opposing decks to a halt. However, recently, people are starting to find success pairing it with other Pokemon as opposed to it's traditional partner in crime - Seismitoad EX.
Joltik Night March

“Marching to the Top!” – Night March in Standard

With most Regionals so far being Expanded, the Standard format hasn't really had much time in the spotlight, but over the next few months, we can expect it to receive a lot more attention. It seems like most City Championships will be Standard, as well as a lot of Regionals outside of North America over the coming month.

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The Talking Points From City Championships So Far!

City Championships are fully underway in North America, and they'll be starting soon in most other countries around the World. In this article, I'm going to look over the main talking points from the results so far, which were collected by the Charizard Lounge. Yveltal's ability to stay relevant in Standard no matter what had seemed to fizzle out more recently, as decks like Night March and M Manectric became too much for it to handle, but it's back and as good as ever again.

The Five Most Successful Standard Decks Pre-BREAKthrough!

A lot of people are unsure about the Standard format right now. This is understandable, since the majority of online tournament coverage has been based around the North American Expanded Regionals, and not all countries have run any major tournaments under the Standard format. However, with most of the upcoming tournaments over the next couple of months - City Championships and League Challenges - being played using Standard

Week Three of North American Regionals Concludes!

North American Expanded Regionals continued last weekend, with events in San Jose, Vancouver, and Fort Wayne! If you haven't seen analysis of results from previous weeks yet, you can check out week one or week two by clicking those links. As a brief overview, week one was dominated heavily by both Archie's Blastoise and Yveltal, which were by far the two most popular deck choices.