2015 World Championships Information!

Yesterday, information was posted on the official Pokemon website about next year's World Championships, which was quickly taken down afterwards. As the webpages were taken down, remember that this information is subject to change

A Look at Bronzong, Gengar and Aromatisse!

In this article, I look at two more brand-new types of decks, Bronzong and Gengar EX variants, and also revisit Aromatisse, with a Fairy-focused new twist. I like Bronzong variants a lot right now, they possess the ability to address a wide variety

Adapting to the Release of Phantom Forces!

In this article, I take a look at how Phantom Forces makes Seismitoad EX a better, even more versatile card; the greatness of Manectric EX and its Mega Evolution; how Donphan PLS is affected by Phantom Forces; and the return of Tool Drop

Developing a Winning Mentality!

There are usually three main factors that will determine how well you perform in a tournament - the deck you chose, how you play it, and how lucky you get on the day. Out of those three, the chances are that the deck you decide to play will take up most of your attention. After all, most of our time

A Closer Look At Head Ringer!

Of all the cards released in the latest set "Phantom Forces", I'm sure most people will agree with me when I say that Head Ringer is the most interesting. Being able to attach a tool to an opponent's Pokemon is a brand new mechanic in the Pokemon Trading Card game, and one that could completely

Five Lessons We Can Learn From Regionals!

Last weekend, Fall Regional Championships concluded in the United States, although they'll be taking place over the next few weeks in other countries around the World. Being the first major tournaments of the season, it's understandable that a lot

Sleeper Decks – You Snooze, You Lose!

Sometimes, when I play too many games in a row at a tournament or during testing, I get burnt out from facing the same things over and over again. Once a set has been out for a while and there have been a couple of tournaments with the latest

Houston Regional Championship Results!

The Houston Regional Championships took place this past weekend, with hundreds of players making the journey to compete. If you haven't already, you can see the results from Philadelphia and Pheonix in this earlier article. As always, thanks to

Reflecting on the First Week of Regionals!

In this article, I jump around between a variety of topics all centered around observations of what went down at this past weekend’s two Regional championships, in Arizona and Philadelphia. Even though Yveltal EX was not included in either of the winning

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