Sleeper Decks – You Snooze, You Lose!

Sometimes, when I play too many games in a row at a tournament or during testing, I get burnt out from facing the same things over and over again. Once a set has been out for a while and there have been a couple of tournaments with the latest

Houston Regional Championship Results!

The Houston Regional Championships took place this past weekend, with hundreds of players making the journey to compete. If you haven't already, you can see the results from Philadelphia and Pheonix in this earlier article. As always, thanks to

Reflecting on the First Week of Regionals!

In this article, I jump around between a variety of topics all centered around observations of what went down at this past weekend’s two Regional championships, in Arizona and Philadelphia. Even though Yveltal EX was not included in either of the winning

Results from Week One of Regionals!

Last weekend, the first Fall Regional Championships in the United States took place, with players competing in Philadelphia and Phoenix. For the first time ever, these tournaments consisted of two different formats, with play switching

The Format Definers of Regionals!

There is a reason why Landorus EX is going for $35 dollars minimum on the secondary market right now: it is incredibly potent with Fighting Stadium and Strong Energy. Hammerhead has always been a good attack, but now it is a bona fide

Arena Cup in Berlin Results!

If you're not sure what an Arena Cup is, they're a series of events which started last weekend in Berlin, Germany. They'll only be available in certain countries, but each gives out the same amount of Championship Points as a Regionals, so it's safe to say they're very important tournaments

Mastering the Matchups for Regionals!

Hey, everyone! First off, I would like to apologize for the lateness of this article. There was a bit of a miscommunication between Nathan and I about when it had to be put up. That said, with the new season having kicked off with League Challenges

Is Donphan/Trevenant a Competitive Deck?

It might be surprising in a format with Lucario EX and Landorus EX, but a lot of people seem to be using another Fighting Pokemon in their deck instead, Donphan. In theory, it's kind of hard to see why. It's a 110HP Pokemon, with an attack that for one Fighting

Regional Championships Are Two Weeks Away!

In a couple of weeks time, the 2014-15 Pokemon TCG season will be fully underway with the first Regional Championships taking place across the world. Sure we've had League Challenges, but they're not taken too seriously, and don't really show

Eelektrik Decks are Back!

If you haven't heard already, some tournaments this season will use an 'extended format'. Rather than the standard format, which updates each year after a rotation, the extended format allows players to chose cards for their deck from any Black and White or XY set. In fact, the upcoming

The Intimidating Task of Mastering Two Formats

If you are feeling intimidated at the prospect of mastering two different formats at the same time, for the same tournament – Fall Regionals – then you are not alone. I think a lot of people are having difficulties with this task, at least mentally, including

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