Intimidating the Opposition with Pyroar and Seismitoad!

Pyroar has always been an extremely strong but flawed card, since it's release in Flashfire this summer. The ability to prevent any Basic Pokemon from dealing damage is arguably the strongest around, considering most decks revolve around strong EX Pokemon

Pedal to the Metal: A Closer Look at Bronzong!

It’s that time of the year: Christmas is coming, which means you’ll be hearing carols, laughter, and bells. Also, you’ll be hearing of lots of different decks doing well in City Championships, although this year the Pokémon community seems

“Wrecking the Field” – A Look at Donphan!

If you think Donphan is the best deck around at the moment, you're definitely not alone. According to the City Championship results collected by the Charizard Lounge so far, it has the most wins, the most appearances in the top four, and the most

More Decks Have Been Added to the Deck Database!

The Deck Database has another update! Previously, since Phantom Forces had only been tournament legal for such a short period of time, it was hard to find articles for a lot of popular decks out there. While this is still the case for some decks, I was able to

‘Defensive Yveltal’ and General Format Observations

In this article, I begin by looking at a new spin on Yveltal EX which is much more defensive – although, considering the nature of Yveltal EX, it still packs a great offensive punch as well. Then I devote the rest of the article to various observations and bits of advice

Locking Down the Game! – Seismitoad/Garbodor

Phantom Forces brought us some of the last cards that were needed to make Seismitoad a true disruptive force by itself. It's now possible to prevent the opponent from playing any Trainers, prevent the use of any of their abilities, discard both their

Deck Database Update!

If you haven't checked it out already, the deck database displays useful resources for each popular deck from all across the internet in one place. It's now been updated with Phantom Forces, and new competitive archetypes like Mega Manectric and Bronzong have also been added!

Virizion/Genesect with Drifblim Is Back!

The most successful deck from the World Championships, Virizion/Genesect paired with Driblim and Enhanced Hammers took both first and second place in the Masters division. Thanks to Enhanced Hammer's reprint in Phantom Forces, the deck is back

And the winner is…the Hypnotoad!

Hey all! Today’s article will talk about our glorious amphibian overlord: Seismitoad. As Alex explained in this article, Seismitoad is now much more comfortable than before being a deck of its own, rather than being a tech in Yveltal EX decks. There are a

2015 World Championships Information!

Yesterday, information was posted on the official Pokemon website about next year's World Championships, which was quickly taken down afterwards. As the webpages were taken down, remember that this information is subject to change

A Look at Bronzong, Gengar and Aromatisse!

In this article, I look at two more brand-new types of decks, Bronzong and Gengar EX variants, and also revisit Aromatisse, with a Fairy-focused new twist. I like Bronzong variants a lot right now, they possess the ability to address a wide variety

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