Empoleon with Miltank and Dusknoir!

Considering how popular Pyroar has become, any deck built around evolutions suddenly becomes much more viable, and one of those is Empoleon with Miltank and Dusknoir. The idea here is pretty simple. Miltank can hit for 80 damage (or 100 with a Muscle Band)

Submit a question for next week’s Q&A!

For next week's Premium article, Mark will be answering any reader questions in a Question and Answer session. If there's anything you'd like to ask which is Pokemon TCG related, whether it's about an upcoming event, a deck you'd like to know more about, or just

What we can learn from US Nationals!

In this article, I first take a look at the actual lists used by U. S. Nationals winner Brandon Salazar and the runner-up, Michael Pramawat, addressing card choices, card counts, why the decks did well, and whether or not they will remain good at the Grinder/Worlds.

Pyroar is here, are you ready?

One of the biggest surprise packages of US Nationals was the success of Pyroar, a deck that a lot of people had dismissed long ago. It made more appearances then any other deck in the last thirty two (8 in total), and Michael Pramawat took his build to a second place finish, falling to Brandon's Big Basics

Big Basics + Garbodor wins US Nationals!

If you predicted that a deck involving Basic Pokemon and Garbodor would win US Nationals, you were right. You might have expected it to contain Pokemon like Sableye and Yveltal EX though, not Landorus EX or Mewtwo EX. However, Brandon

Reflecting on US Nationals

For the past months, we at ProPokémon have been doing our best to prepare our Nationals. Last weekend, the biggest and most final National of them all happened: US Nationals. The tournament has broken a thousand players before, making for a weekend full of competitive Pokémon fun. Hopefully, you

Watch US Nationals Live Here!

For the first time ever, Pokemon have an official stream of the US National Championships for both the TCG and VGC, which will play throughout Saturday and Sunday! Don't miss any of the action and help to support the stream by watching it live below

Fall Regionals will use the Extended Format for Day 2!

At the beginning of this season, it was announced that from next season, some events would use an extended BW-on format. Since then, we haven't heard any more about it, however yesterday some pretty interesting news was announced. Fall Regionals

ProPokemon is now on Twitter!

We now have a Twitter account! If you're interested in seeing every time a new article is released, or hearing about any Pokemon news, you can check out the page and follow us by clicking here

The Pokémon Orchestral Concert Comes to Worlds!

On August the 15th (the day of the Last Chance Qualifier), the Pokemon Orchestral Concert Tour will start in Washington DC at the Warner Theater! If you go along, you'll be able to listen to a variety of Pokemon songs being played live, from all through Pokemon's

What to Expect at US Nationals!

In this article, I look at the top decks to expect and be prepared for at U.S. Nationals. These include Pyroar variants, Virizion/Genesect, Yveltal EX/Darkrai EX/Raichu, Yveltal EX/Garbodor, Plasma variants, and Aromatisse variants! Pyroar is going to be the number one wildcard at U.S. Nationals. As

Championship Point Challenges at US Nationals!

If you live in the US and are hoping to still earn an invite to the World Championships, then you might be able to do it next weekend, even if you don't do well in the US Nationals. On Saturday morning at 11am, as well as Sunday morning at 8am, two Championship Point

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