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Dusknoir Burning Shadows

“Rising From The Shadows” – A First Look At Burning Shadows

In this article, I take a first look at the new set, Burning Shadows, and identify the cards that I think have the most competitive potential. I am not going to bother trying to rank these cards (really a pointless exercise especially without any results to go by), so don’t read anything into the order that the cards appear. You can see English translations for each of these cards on Bulbapedia here.
Shaymin Set Up

“Round and Around” – A Close Look at the Effects of the Rotation

Hey guys! Just the other day, Pokémon finally announced the rotation for the next season! Like how a lot of people predicted, they decided to go with BREAKthrough onwards, not wanting to split the BREAK sets in two. This means that for the 2017-2018 season, we’re losing three main sets: Ancient Origins, Roaring Skies, Primal Clash, as well as the mini-set Double Crisis.
Vileplume Decidueye

“Back to the Finals” – The Two Best Decks from the North American Intercontinental Championships!

In this article, I take a close look at the top 2 decks from the recently-concluded epic North American Intercontinental Championship (NAIC): Vileplume/Decidueye GX and Drampa GX/Garbodor. I actually had the pleasure of rooming with Kettler during the weekend of the event. That means I’ve got stories, right? Wild tales of late-night Pokemon mayhem? Gossip? Scandal? Well, no...

“Another Two Decks Coming Your Way” – Raichu/Lycanroc GX and Slow Volcanion!

In this article, I examine two more solid Standard options (it feels like these options are never-ending!), both of which use Guardians Rising cards in prominent roles to inject new relevancy into old archetypes: Raichu/Lycanroc GX and “Slow Volcanion”. Below is a list that Pablo Meza shared on his Tablemon YouTube channel which a friend of his used at Seattle Regionals.

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Pirate Ninetales

“Spreading the Love” – Decidueye/Ninetales Deck Analysis

Hey guys, today we’re talking about what I think is easily the coolest Pokémon from Sun and Moon, but more importantly one of the best decks in format: Decidueye/Ninetales. Decidueye/Vileplume was undisputably the most dominant deck of the pre-Guardians Rising format, especially at Australian Internationals. Since Guardians Rising it hasn’t been as popular, but the owl is still more than viable.
Gallade Octillery Deck

“A Good Top Deck” – Gallade/Octillery Analysis

Hey guys, today I’m going to go over the Gallade/Octillery deck that surprised friend and foe at Mexico City Regionals. So far the Guardians Rising format has shown again and again that intricate combos are back and here to stay in the Pokémon TCG, and this is just another example. It’s been a while since Gallade and Octillery were in the spotlight, so let’s briefly recap how these cards work again.

“What Does the Fox Say?” – Zoroark/Drampa-GX Analysis

Hey guys! As our regular readers might have noticed, the front page of ProPokemon has been mostly premium articles as of late. However, starting today, we’re going to be trying to release two free items every week in addition to the premium content we were already doing. These free articles can (and will) be about almost any subject: deck and tournament analysis, in-game decisions, the usual suspects.

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On a Break – Introduction to Legacy

Hey guys! As has been mentioned before in a couple of different articles before, right now the interests of the Pokémon playerbase are rather divided. There’s no less than three standard formats that you could possibly want to be playtesting in right now. Either you are going to Liverpool Regionals or some other kind of pre-Burning Shadows tournament so you’re basically still playing current format..
Pokemon TCG Cheating

Why You Should Let Your Partner Cheat On You

Hey guys! Internationals is now fully behind us and for most players that means either focusing on the World Championships, or taking a well-deserved break from competitive play until the next Regional. For most Europeans, that would be the Liverpool Regional Championships at the end of July, about three weeks from the moment of writing this. During this time period, we’ll be busy covering the last few things that are there when it comes to this metagame.
Indianapolis Pokemon Intercontinental

North American Internationals Update

Hey guys! At the time of writing North American Internationals is inbetween the first two days. I’ve been keeping myself up to date through the stream ( is the easiest link to remember it by) and Facebook, but I thought I’d give everyone else at home a quick recap of what’s been visisbly doing well. I don’t have a complete impression of the field since I’m not there and Pokémon’s official coverage is only listing deck types instead of showing decklists.