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Professor Oak

“Across the World” – Questions and Answers About the New Season – Part 2

Hey guys! In this article I’m going to finish the remaining questions from our Q&A session. Since we thought this one went rather well – lots of good questions with room for answers that should be helpful to everyone – we’ll be looking for an opportunity to do this again as soon as the time is right. Of course doing it right after this one would be futile and we’re going to have lots of things to cover with the upcoming World Championships

“Across the World” – Questions and Answers About The New Season – Part 1

Hey everybody! A while back, we’ve asked our readers to send in questions centered around the post-Worlds metagame, whether it be XY-on or Expanded. These articles will contain the answers to each of these questions. If you missed the opportunity to send in a question, don’t fret - we’re always trying to steer our content towards what readers want. So if there’s anything in particular you want to see, like a specific deck, all you have to do is let it be known to us through e-mail or the comment section below.
Heatran Bronzong Metal

The Top 5 Plays for Worlds and the Boston Open!

Hello everyone! Today we will be taking a look at the Top 5 plays for the Pokemon TCG World Championships and the Boston Open, this August 21st-23rd in Boston, MA. I will be going over each deck and why I think it’s worthy of a Top 5 spot in this list. I won’t be providing any deck lists, as the players who are playing in the tournament should already have their lists prepared for each deck option for these events

My Top Ten Cards from Ancient Origins!

Veterans of the game will recognize that this Unown’s Ability is the same as Unown R LA’s Poke-power Retire. Like that card, I think Unown will see play here and there, particularly in fast decks and even more particularly in Vespiquen/Flareon builds. In XY-on, at least for the moment, the draw options are limited with N and Colress gone, so Unown becomes a bit more valuable.

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“Grinding its Way Back to the Top” – Revisiting Klinklang!

The return of Klinklang was one of the many surprises at US Nationals, where Dylan Bryan placed in the Top 8 using the deck, losing to the eventual winner Jason Klaczynski. While Klinklang enjoyed some playability back in 2013 when it was printed in Plasma Storm, it hasn't been seen in tournament play for a long time since. So what has suddenly made Klinklang viable again?
Mega Manectric

Electrifying the Field with Mega Manectric EX!

While most of the attention at US Nationals was diverted to interesting decks like Klinklang, Wailord and Hippowdon, or the eventual winner in Seismitoad/Garbodor, Mega Manectric quietly put in a lot of work over the weekend and looks to be a solid play for the upcoming World Championships.

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Pokemon World Championships 2015 Information!

The biggest event of the year, the Pokemon World Championships, take place this Friday - Sunday in Boston! With over a million dollars in prize support just for the Trading Card Game, and the collection of the World's best players all in one location, this is a a tournament that isn't to be missed. Whether you're playing in the event, going there to spectate, or at home, there are plenty of ways you can join in!

The Top Ten Most Missed Cards Going Into XY-on

It's official, next season we'll be playing under an XY-on format. This means that five sets will rotate - Boundaries Crossed, Plasma Storm, Plasma Freeze, Plasma Blast and Legendary Treasures. We can expect about 450 cards to be taken out of the card pool (since Legendary Treasures is primarily made of reprints), including a lot of cards that are current staples in a lot of decks.

Video – US Nationals Top 8 Decks!

Hey everyone, In this video I'll be recapping the US National Championships and more specifically, taking a further insight at the top eights decks to feature at this years event. If you're going to Worlds this year or are just wanting to try new decks for the remainder of this current format