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Standard or Expanded? Wynaut Both?

Hey guys! So I was at a dilemma for a while on which format to write about. On one hand, it makes little sense to write about anything but Expanded with US Regionals coming up so soon: a last minute rundown of decks you should expect to face is almost obligatory for an article about competitive Pokémon at this point of time.

“Bees?” – A Guide to Vespiquen in Standard!

Hey all! Marcus here again with my latest article, covering Vespiquen (Ancient Origins #10) in the Standard format. If you are a veteran to the game, you will immediately recognise Vespiquen’s similarities to that of Flareon, from Plasma Freeze – most notably, it’s attack, Vengeance, which is exactly the same as Vespiquen’s attack, Bee Revenge, both of which do 20 damage plus 10 more for each Pokemon in your discard pile.

The Complete Guide to Vileplume in XY-on!

Hello! It's been about two months since my last article, and since then the format has become completely different. Almost nobody is easily adjusting to the recent rotation and I'm hoping to give you all some ideas and tips to help cope with this change. If you recall, my last piece was centered around metagaming and card choice. In this article I will go over all of the different ways to use Vileplume in the new standard format.

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Revisiting Fighting/Crobat in Standard

Almost everyone will be familar with Landobats, a deck from last season that revolved around Landorus EX and Crobat. While it enjoyed some success, it dropped in popularity leading up to the World Championships, partly due to it's difficult Seismitoad matchup. Since then, between the release of Ancient Origins and the rotation to XY-on for Standard, I think the metagame is a lot more favourable for Fighting/Crobat again.
Mega Manectric

“Surviving the Rotation” – Partnering Mega Manectric with Regice in Standard!

Mega Manectric was one of the most prominent decks during Nationals and the World Championships, and it stands to reason that it'll continue to stay dominant into the new 2015-16 season. While it loses some important components in the rotation to XY-on - such as Float Stone, Keldeo EX, Kyurem, Garbodor, and Max Potion just to name a few - the core of the deck is still left standing.

“Bzzzzz” – Taking a Look at Vespiquen in XY-on!

One of the most promising decks emerging from our new XY-on format (at least in Standard) is Vespiquen, from the latest set Ancient Origins. While sharing a lot of similarities with Flareon (which has now rotated), it has some notable advantages which make it a strong contender for any Standard tournaments that might be coming up in your local area.

“Grinding its Way Back to the Top” – Revisiting Klinklang!

The return of Klinklang was one of the many surprises at US Nationals, where Dylan Bryan placed in the Top 8 using the deck, losing to the eventual winner Jason Klaczynski. While Klinklang enjoyed some playability back in 2013 when it was printed in Plasma Storm, it hasn't been seen in tournament play for a long time since. So what has suddenly made Klinklang viable again?

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Shiftry has been banned from Expanded!

If you haven't seen the news already, Shiftry has officially been banned from Expanded play, and the reasons behind this are pretty clear. Shiftry removed skill and enjoyment from the games where it was played in, and it was clearly never a combination along with Forest of Giant Plants that Pokemon had in mind when pushing Expanded to play a bigger part during this season. If you read the page of the official announcement, there are a few interesting points made in it.

Pokemon World Championships 2015 Information!

The biggest event of the year, the Pokemon World Championships, take place this Friday - Sunday in Boston! With over a million dollars in prize support just for the Trading Card Game, and the collection of the World's best players all in one location, this is a a tournament that isn't to be missed. Whether you're playing in the event, going there to spectate, or at home, there are plenty of ways you can join in!

The Top Ten Most Missed Cards Going Into XY-on

It's official, next season we'll be playing under an XY-on format. This means that five sets will rotate - Boundaries Crossed, Plasma Storm, Plasma Freeze, Plasma Blast and Legendary Treasures. We can expect about 450 cards to be taken out of the card pool (since Legendary Treasures is primarily made of reprints), including a lot of cards that are current staples in a lot of decks.