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Tackling the Dragons of Roaring Skies

In this article, I begin by sharing several miscellaneous musings/observations regarding the post-Roaring Skies format that are designed to challenge the way you think about this set and what it can and will do to the metagame. I then wrap up the article by taking a look at two new Dragon decks brought to us by Roaring Skies: one centered around the less talked about M Rayquaza EX, the other centered around Latios EX PLF.

Setting up with your Rayquaza deck

Roaring Skies is finally out and speculation on decks is taking more concrete forms. People are playtesting, playing League Challenges, finding results and communicating over it. This means the first phase of the new metagame has started: old and new archetypes are being put to the test and matchups are being tried out and discussed in a more meaningful way than just “papermons”.
Reshiram Roaring Skies

My Top Ten Cards From Roaring Skies!

In this article, I take a break from the usual deck analyses and instead look at my picks for the Top 10 cards from Roaring Skies! We have seen cards that negate or restrict Tools before, such as Goodra PHF. The key difference here is that Tool Concealment does not rely on your getting Banette into play before the opponent can attach Tools.

Breaking the Lock with Mega Manectric and a Look at the “Monster in the Sky”

In this article, I begin by taking a look at the state of the pre-Roaring Skies format and how lock decks have overtaken it. Next, I analyze a M Manectric EX deck that I think has a chance to counter these lock decks. The final portion of the article contains an exploration of different ways that you can attempt to exploit the various weak points of the new M Rayquaza EX/Shaymin EX/Sky Field deck.

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Joltik Night March

“Marching On” – Taking a Look at Night March

It's taken a long time for Night March to lose it's reputation for being a deck built on a gimmick that ultimately isn't competitively viable. Even though the deck has been around since Cities, it didn't really achieve much success in that time, and it's only recently that more and more players have begun to realise it's potential.

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Primal Clash Deck Database Update

The Deck Database has now been updated with Primal Clash! If you're unfamiliar with it, the aim of the Deck Database is to group all the internet's resources for each popular deck in one place. This way, if you're looking to try out a new deck

What’s the Play For Florida?

In this upcoming weekend, Florida will be holding it's Winter Regional Championships! It's going to attract a lot of interest from around the World, because it'll be the first major tournament where Primal Clash will be legal. There aren't any previous tournament results to analyse, so it'll be harder to tell which