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“I want it all, I want it now” – What to buy when on a budget

Hey everyone! Just like most of you I'm really excited to see what changes Ultra Prism is about to bring to our metagame. Alex covered the most important cards and other than a couple of quick side notes there's not much to add, so instead I'm going to cover a topic that I think has been slept on a little bit: what to buy when there's a new set coming out when you're on a budget.

The Best Cards from Ultra Prism!

With Dallas Regionals over and the Ultra Prism expansion about to released, I thought now would be the perfect time to do a set review. As usual, I am not going to rank the cards -- this article is just going to consist of my raw take on the cards in the set with the most potential. Easy Weakness removal for Grass types seems like it could be relevant and appreciated in the coming months.

“The Pro Play Bible” – Doing Everything You Can To Win

Hey everyone! It's now been three straight weeks of Expanded deck analyses and I think it's time for something a little different. Today's article is going to be a catch-all article on things you can do to win at tournaments of all kinds: local, regional, international, small, big, before, during and after playing. It's meant to be a bit of a handbook on things a good player should do if they're looking to maximize their % of W's.

Exploring Expanded Further – Zoroark, Golisopod and Trevenant!

In this article I address another round of Expanded decks that have been receiving hype and success recently on social media and at Expanded events in the lead-up to the Expanded Dallas Regionals. These are Zoroark GX/Seismitoad EX, Zoroark GX/Golisopod GX and Trevenant. This deck is like a modern spin on the infamous Seismitoad EX/Slurpuff PHF deck that performed well during the first half of the 2014-15 season, back when we still had Lysandre’s Trump Card.

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“Fun to play…but only for you” – Heatmor/Raichu/Victini Analysis

Last weekend I was at a Standard League Cup having a good time, when I saw someone next to me who didn't seem to be having one. The reason for this was because he was unable to attack every turn while his opponent was getting back things from the discard pile. Wondering if he managed to sneak a Sableye/Garbodor deck into a Standard event, I looked at what was across the field, but the colors on the field just didn't match the usual dark and psychic that you'd see with Sableye/Garbodor. Instead, there was a bunch of red and yellow...
Decidueye/Ninetales Deck

“The Owl and the Fox” – Decidueye/Ninetales for Worlds

Hey guys! If you’re reading this you are probably not at the World Championships right now, but you might be at home eagerly anticipating the stream and its results. The format seems to be wide open and it seems like any player with almost any deck could make it through the gauntlets of Day 1 and Day 2. One deck that I think deserves at least a bit of coverage before the event kicks off, and that’s Decidueye/Ninetales, also known as “Decidueye without Vileplume.”
Pokemon World Championships

Video: Pokémon World Championships 2017: Top 10 Decks! (Burning Shadows)

Today I have for you my personal, top ten decks for the Pokémon World Championships 2017 in Anaheim! With Burning Shadows having just been released, this certainly does make things going into Worlds very interesting since there are a few new decks featuring as well as some additions to a few old ones. If you're heading to Anaheim and wondering what to play, be sure to give it watch =] Thanks as always for watching and best of luck to those attending.
Pirate Ninetales

“Spreading the Love” – Decidueye/Ninetales Deck Analysis

Hey guys, today we’re talking about what I think is easily the coolest Pokémon from Sun and Moon, but more importantly one of the best decks in format: Decidueye/Ninetales. Decidueye/Vileplume was undisputably the most dominant deck of the pre-Guardians Rising format, especially at Australian Internationals. Since Guardians Rising it hasn’t been as popular, but the owl is still more than viable.

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On a Break – Introduction to Legacy

Hey guys! As has been mentioned before in a couple of different articles before, right now the interests of the Pokémon playerbase are rather divided. There’s no less than three standard formats that you could possibly want to be playtesting in right now. Either you are going to Liverpool Regionals or some other kind of pre-Burning Shadows tournament so you’re basically still playing current format..
Pokemon TCG Cheating

Why You Should Let Your Partner Cheat On You

Hey guys! Internationals is now fully behind us and for most players that means either focusing on the World Championships, or taking a well-deserved break from competitive play until the next Regional. For most Europeans, that would be the Liverpool Regional Championships at the end of July, about three weeks from the moment of writing this. During this time period, we’ll be busy covering the last few things that are there when it comes to this metagame.