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“List ALL The Decks” – Deck Cheat Sheet and Expectatons for London

Hey guys, are you ready for the London International Championships? Know what you’re playing yet? If the answer to those two questions is “no”, then don’t worry – nobody ever knows what they are playing until they fall asleep in their hotel room at 3am. Or until they’re in line for registration. So in that regard, you’ve got nothing to worry about. In this article, I’m going to be talking about every single deck I would be considering going into London.

(No) Surprise – Various Decks from Dortmund Regionals

Hello everyone! Last weekend was Dortmund Regionals, the next in the series of European Regionals. Nathan already made an analysis of it here so if you haven’t read that, I recommend you do so. What I plan to do for this article is analyze the decks and matchups with a little more detail, especially the decks that we haven’t seen too much of yet such as Raikou and Pidgeot. But before we get into that, I’d like to note some general observations.
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The Top Decks From Expanded Regionals in Philadelphia!

In this article, I take a look at some of the top 8 decks from the recent Philadelphia Regional Championship, which was an Expanded event. Jonathan Crespo won the event with a slightly unorthodox Trevenant build with Rescue Scarf, no backup attackers and no Bursting Balloon. I played against Crespo during round 13 and was able to see his deck in action first hand.

“The Results Are In!” – Liverpool Regionals, Giratina/Hammers and Gyarados

Two major Regional Championships took place this past weekend, with Expanded in Philadelphia and Standard in Liverpool. They both broke attendance records, with 646 masters in Philadelphia (the largest for any North American tournament outside of Nationals) and 265 masters in Liverpool (higher then any European Nationals last season, and any previous UK tournament in the history of the game).

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Two Interesting Decks from US Nationals!

There were a lot of interesting decks at US Nationals outside of the Top 8, and today I want to look at two of those. Now that Karen has almost certainly been confirmed to not be in Steam Siege, it's likely that the metagame for Worlds will be similar to that from US Nationals, and so it's a good idea to explore some new decks and ideas that people used!
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US National Championships: Top 8 Decks – Video

Hey everyone, Today we'll be looking at the Top 8 decks to feature at this years US National Championships. If you're looking for new decks to play or just want a recap of what decks managed to get all the way to the Top 8, then be sure to give it a watch! Thanks again for watching, PokéCastXVII

Three Winning Decks from State Championships!

Today we're going to be looking at three decks that won State Championships in the Masters division from the US, during weeks one, two, and three! All deck lists were provided by the official Pokemon website and can be found by following this link. Congratulations to all the players featured who were able to win their respective tournaments!

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Results and Metagame Analysis from Dortmund Regionals!

The second Regional Championships in Europe took place over this past weekend in Dortmund, Germany. With 303 Masters playing in it, it gives us a great opportunity to see how the Standard metagame is developing and what we can expect to do well at the first Intercontinental Championships in London in a few weeks time. We've already had some major Standard tournaments, such as the Regionals in Orlando and Liverpool.

“Kicking Off the New Season” – Preparing for Expanded in Arizona!

It sure seems like a long time since we've had to think about Expanded. We've had a run of major Standard tournaments recently with Nationals and Worlds taking place, but the North American Regional circuit kicks off this weekend in Arizona, in what is an Expanded event. Even though it's been about five months since Spring Regionals (which were the last big Expanded tournaments), I don't think Expanded has changed too much since then.

Playing the Pokemon TCG on a Budget!

There's been a lot of talk recently about how Pokemon is becoming more serious, and closer to other TCGs like Magic the Gathering in the process. Over the past few years we've seen big increases in tournament attendances, regular and professional streams for some of the biggest tournaments, a shift this upcoming season to an emphasis on infrequent but larger tournaments with big cash prizes, and finally the introduction of some players even being sponsored by organisations to represent their brand.