The Top Decks from Florida Regionals!

In this article, I take a look at the brand-new Archie’s Ace in the Hole + Empoleon DEX combo as well as the Flareon deck that won Florida Regionals using this combo. I'll also review the Yveltal EX variants which dominated in Florida, and the also

What’s the Play For Florida?

In this upcoming weekend, Florida will be holding it's Winter Regional Championships! It's going to attract a lot of interest from around the World, because it'll be the first major tournament where Primal Clash will be legal. There aren't any previous tournament results to analyse, so it'll be harder to tell which

The Primal Clash Sales Pitch – Part 2

Let’s recap: we’ve already gone through over half of the interesting Pokémon in this very intricate set full of Ancient Traits. Other than Primal Kyogre EX and Ninetales, it has not been the strongest set, but it’s full of potential. All it takes is some other pieces of

The View from the Community!

Pokemon Organised Play have made some pretty big changes recently, some at the start of this season, and some at the start of the one before that. Matches can now be tied and players are perfectly entitled to agree to intentionally draw without even playing out their games. Swiss rounds are decided

The ECC’s Reach Across the Pacific

Hey everyone! With the next set of Regionals coming up, we figured you might want an overview of the latest decks and techs that ended up doing well throughout both days of the European Challenge Cup. The ECC is the largest and probably most prestigious

“The Toad’s New Partner in Crime” – Seismitoad/Slurpuff

Seismitoad EX. Love it or hate it (and let's be honest, it's not likely to be the first!), the toad is a real pain to play against. Not being able to play Item cards is bad enough, but having to deal with the loss of energy, countless Head Ringers, and a lack of abilities makes

What’s the Play for Regionals and the ECC? – Part Two

In this article, part 2 of my short series on decks you may be considering for upcoming Regionals/the ECC, I look at “the rest” of the decks that I missed the first time around. I put “the rest” in quotes because let’s face it – these two articles don’t cover every

“The Crobat Swarm” – A New Partner for Fighting!

These are tough times for Stage Two Pokemon. Thanks to Lysandre, most decks can threaten to knock out any low HP Basic Pokemon, before they're even given a chance to evolve. Seismitoad EX's Quaking Punch blocks cards like Ultra Ball and Rare Candy

The Primal Clash Sales Pitch – Part 1

Hello, ProPokemon readers! Lately, I’ve taken a liking towards watching clips of Dragon’s Den and its copycat Shark Tank on Youtube. For those of you who don’t know, both of these involve entrepreneurs trying to convince a group of five billionaires to invest into their

Primal Clash: Interesting Ideas!

On the 4th of February, Primal Clash will officially release, with it becoming legal for tournament play three weeks later on the 25th. However, the scans have been available online for a while. The chances are you've already had a look through them, and made a list of the cards that interest you

Reflecting on Cities!

City Championships are concluding around the World, but there's plenty to talk about and look back on. Even though Primal Clash releases on the 4th of February, the cards in it aren't legal for tournament play until the 25th, a whole three weeks later. Important tournaments such as the European

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