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“Is New Best?” – Discussing Alakazam and Zygarde, and Adding Twists to Two Existing Decks

Whenever a new set comes out (or, more accurately, the moment Japanese scans are leaked and translated), we as players tend to get wrapped up in the excitement that comes with encountering something fresh. We see new cards and then BAM! – the creative impulse hits and all of a sudden we are spending hours debating hypothetical scenarios, crafting new archetypes and retiring cards we think are obsolete. Often, we overhype new cards during this process, sometimes grossly so, and we also forget to keep the old, established decks in mind as we move forward.

Changing Fate – Adapting for Regionals with Fates Collide!

Hey trainers! We’re currently in a very important phase of the competitive season: Nationals are happening on one side of the pacific whereas the USA is in the middle of its last series of Regional Championships. Both of these are paramount for a player’s invitation to the World Championships, especially those shooting for that coveted Top 16/Top 22 spot.

Exploring Fates Collide With Three New Decks!

Hey guys, Phinnegan again! Fates Collide just came out, which means we have plenty of new options to implement into our existing deck lists. I'll be covering three decks in this article that can take advantage of these new cards. The first deck is strictly Expanded, the second can be applied to both, and the third will be for Standard only.

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Three Winning Decks from State Championships!

Today we're going to be looking at three decks that won State Championships in the Masters division from the US, during weeks one, two, and three! All deck lists were provided by the official Pokemon website and can be found by following this link. Congratulations to all the players featured who were able to win their respective tournaments!

Is Sableye/Garbodor the Real Deal With Puzzle of Time?

Sableye/Garbodor had a respectable run through City Championships, eventually finishing as the sixth most successful deck, but it seems to have received a huge boost from Breakpoint in the form of Puzzle of Time. While we won't see the new and improved Sableye/Garbodor in action until the final week of Winter Regionals, due to Breakpoint not being legal before then

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“The New Cards on the Block” – Fates Collide Set Review!

Fates Collide's street release date is just a few days away, and I'm sure a lot of you have already played in pre-releases for it. While the set itself won't be legal for another three weeks, now is a great time to start testing with those new cards, to figure out the strongest decks for upcoming tournaments such as the US Nationals and World Championships.
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The Top Five Decks from Week One of State Championships

Week one of State Championships kicked off last weekend, with fourteen different events across the US taking place, using the new Standard format with Breakpoint and Generations both legal. Below are the top five decks from week one, based on the number of total Championship points that each one won. The results are taken from the Charizard Lounge's page, so thanks to them!