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“Making the Breakthrough!” – Mega Mewtwo and Magnezone/Raikou/Pikachu!

In this article, I am going to take a look at two brand new decks featuring Breakthrough cards: M Mewtwo EX 63 (yes, that one!) and Magnezone/Raikou/Pikachu EX (yes, Pikachu finally gets to be a headliner!). Figuring out how to engineer an entirely new deck with the cards from a fresh set can be both creatively exhilarating and intimidating to the point of debilitation, so I wanted to take a look at a few new decks here which hopefully will inspire you to begin creating yourself.
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Submit a Question for our Upcoming Q&A Article!

Over the next couple of weeks Mark will be writing another Q&A article series, where he answers questions submitted by our readers! In the past every question sent in has been answered, so it's well worth your time doing so. Questions can be anything related to the Pokemon TCG, whether it's about a deck, upcoming City Championships, BREAKthrough, recent announcements by Pokemon, ways in which the Pokemon TCG should be played, and so on.

Reviewing an Interesting Regionals in the UK!

Hello again, Phinnegan here! Today I am again excited to write a different sort of article for you all. This time I will not be discussing any of my own decks and strategy. Instead, I will be summarising and analyzing the decks from a recent Regional Championship over in the UK, played in Huddersfield under the Standard format.

Break On Through, To The Other Side!

Hello, trainers! This week saw the long-awaited release of the Breakthrough set, with many new (and old) cards entering the format. Today we will be studying their impact, specifically on decks that have already established themselves as threats. While new sets usually mean new decks on the horizon, I believe the best way to start out defining and playtesting for a fresh format is to use tried and true decks.

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Joltik Night March

“Marching to the Top!” – Night March in Standard

With most Regionals so far being Expanded, the Standard format hasn't really had much time in the spotlight, but over the next few months, we can expect it to receive a lot more attention. It seems like most City Championships will be Standard, as well as a lot of Regionals outside of North America over the coming month.

Locking It Down With Seismitoad/Giratina In Expanded!

So far, the four most dominant decks in Expanded have been Yveltal, Archie's Blastoise, Vespiquen, and Mega Manectric. While a few Seismitoad decks have made it through to the later stages of Regionals, none have been able to win one yet. Carl Sitvai came close in Lancaster, making it all the way through to the Top 4 with a very interesting version of Seismitoad/Giratina.

Revisiting Fighting/Crobat in Standard

Almost everyone will be familar with Landobats, a deck from last season that revolved around Landorus EX and Crobat. While it enjoyed some success, it dropped in popularity leading up to the World Championships, partly due to it's difficult Seismitoad matchup. Since then, between the release of Ancient Origins and the rotation to XY-on for Standard, I think the metagame is a lot more favourable for Fighting/Crobat again.

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The Five Most Successful Standard Decks Pre-BREAKthrough!

A lot of people are unsure about the Standard format right now. This is understandable, since the majority of online tournament coverage has been based around the North American Expanded Regionals, and not all countries have run any major tournaments under the Standard format. However, with most of the upcoming tournaments over the next couple of months - City Championships and League Challenges - being played using Standard

Week Three of North American Regionals Concludes!

North American Expanded Regionals continued last weekend, with events in San Jose, Vancouver, and Fort Wayne! If you haven't seen analysis of results from previous weeks yet, you can check out week one or week two by clicking those links. As a brief overview, week one was dominated heavily by both Archie's Blastoise and Yveltal, which were by far the two most popular deck choices.
Vespiquen Power Gem

The Results from Week Two of Regionals in Lancaster!

Week one of Regionals took place in Arizona and Texas, where both tournaments were heavily dominated by two decks in particular - Archie's Blastoise and Yveltal. Archie's Blastoise just edged first place from Yveltal, both in terms of total and weighted appearances. You can check out the article written on them here.