Mastering the Matchups for Regionals!

Hey, everyone! First off, I would like to apologize for the lateness of this article. There was a bit of a miscommunication between Nathan and I about when it had to be put up. That said, with the new season having kicked off with League Challenges

Is Donphan/Trevenant a Competitive Deck?

It might be surprising in a format with Lucario EX and Landorus EX, but a lot of people seem to be using another Fighting Pokemon in their deck instead, Donphan. In theory, it's kind of hard to see why. It's a 110HP Pokemon, with an attack that for one Fighting

Regional Championships Are Two Weeks Away!

In a couple of weeks time, the 2014-15 Pokemon TCG season will be fully underway with the first Regional Championships taking place across the world. Sure we've had League Challenges, but they're not taken too seriously, and don't really show

Eelektrik Decks are Back!

If you haven't heard already, some tournaments this season will use an 'extended format'. Rather than the standard format, which updates each year after a rotation, the extended format allows players to chose cards for their deck from any Black and White or XY set. In fact, the upcoming

The Intimidating Task of Mastering Two Formats

If you are feeling intimidated at the prospect of mastering two different formats at the same time, for the same tournament – Fall Regionals – then you are not alone. I think a lot of people are having difficulties with this task, at least mentally, including

Seismitoad Packs a Punch!

There are certain Pokemon cards that seem to have been printed with the sole purpose of annoying the opponent, and Seismitoad EX is definitely one of those. I'm sure you probably know all about Quaking Punch by now. For just one energy attachment (Double Colourless), it can prevent

Fighting Talk!

In this article, I'll look at two major ways to play Fighting Pokemon in Modified: with Garbodor, and without. I also offer up an observation on older decks that are still relevant post-rotation. I admit that I initially underestimated just how strong – and versatile – Fighting decks are right now. I knew they would

Virizion and Genesect Dominate the World Championships!

If you were at the World Championships, or just followed the tournament through the live stream, you'll know that Genesect was the stand out deck of the tournament. As this was the first major tournament to take place after US Nationals, where Pyroar

A Good Question Deserves Another Answer!

Hey guys! I hope you had a wonderful time at the Pokémon World Championships if you went there, or even if you just watched from home. I thought it was an amazing experience once again with some intense games on the big screen, solid commentary

A Mega Kangaskhan deck places Top 4 in the World!

When Flashfire first released, there was no doubt that Mega Kangaskhan held a lot of potential, and I know a lot of people tried to make it work in a deck. Unfortunately, it fell to the 'curse of the Mega Pokemon', and saw very little playability. I personally

Looking Ahead to Next Season!

Now that the World Championships have concluded, we can finally look forward to the new 2014-15 season! While we might not know the 2015 Worlds location or the number of Championship points needed for an invite yet, I think that there is plenty to think about our new format, which has been

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