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Fairy Tales – A Guide to Aromatisse and Friends!

Hey all! Today we’ll be looking at the variations of Fairy decks out there, with a specific focus on Aromatisse as the engine. With Lysandre’s Trump Card gone, and with U.S. Nationals on the horizon, Aromatisse variants are sure to have a much more prominent place in the metagame. Fairies have already made an impact, having won Indonesia Nationals in a post LTC Ban setting.

Looking for Survivors and Repopulating the Metagame!

Hey guys! At the time of writing, June 15th, Pokémon has forever gotten rid of the card that has made the game borderline unplayable for the past month or so. While Lysandre’s Trump Card started out as a niche card that few decks could really make great use of, it only took for a couple of key cards to be released for it to evolve into a centerpiece of the format.

Four of the Best Decks from Spring Regional Championships

In this article, I take a look at 4 decks that did well this weekend during the first Roaring Skies-legal tournaments. These are Seismitoad EX/Shaymin EX, Trevenant EX/Shaymin EX, Raichu/bats/Shaymin EX, and Raichu/Ninetales PRC/Shaymin EX. Did you notice that every one of these decks plays Shaymin EX by the way?! I will begin with Trevenant/Shaymin EX!

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Can Donphan Fight Its Way Back to the Top?

At the start of the season, Donphan was one of the fiercest contenders, with a stream of constant wins throughout Fall Regionals and City Championships, where it duked it out with Yveltal for the top spot. Since then, it's fallen out of favour with most players. It hasn't really seen much play or success in several months, and it seems that Donphan as a deck has simply struggled to keep up with the pace of the rest of the format.

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“Lysandre’s Last Trump Card” – The Winners and Losers Of Its Ban

If you haven't already heard, Lysandre's Trump Card will be banned permanently from competitive play in a little over a week's time. This decision by Pokemon Organised Play quickly followed one in Japan, meaning that it'll be no longer legal to use in all tournaments across the World. This has come as a shock to everyone. After all, Pokemon typically rotate older sets out, as opposed to banning specific cards like other TCGs.

Video – Top 10 Decks for Nationals 2015!

Hi there! So I guess the best place to start would be via an introduction so let me explain briefly who I am and my involvement with the game. My name's Jamie and I initially started playing the game around 1999 when it was first released, and the hype was at its peak. Around that time, I hit up a load of Toys R Us leagues as well as the social events they had on at the Woolworths at the time.