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Reflection on States and Regionals, Then Onwards To Nationals

Hey guys! The season’s most packed tournament series is about to come to an end. Soon, we will be in that awkward lull between States/Regionals and Nationals, where the only big tournaments left are the National and World Championships. Since most of these will be played with the new Roaring Skies set, I figure it’s worth looking at it later on in the article.

Dealing with the Dreaded Toad

In this article, I talk exclusively about one of the best and most loathed cards in the game: the dreaded Seismitoad EX. In the first section, I look at various cards, decks and strategies that can be used to increase your odds of winning versus toad decks. In the second section, I take a brief look at each of the major toad decks in the format; sample lists are provided.
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What State’s Our Game In?

Hey readers! Originally I had planned to write your article right before States, but seeing as the info would be outdated within hours, Nathan and I decided to incorporate the first week of States results into this article. As a result, you’re going to see an evaluation of the States metagame in this article.

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Joltik Night March

“Marching On” – Taking a Look at Night March

It's taken a long time for Night March to lose it's reputation for being a deck built on a gimmick that ultimately isn't competitively viable. Even though the deck has been around since Cities, it didn't really achieve much success in that time, and it's only recently that more and more players have begun to realise it's potential.

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Primal Clash Deck Database Update

The Deck Database has now been updated with Primal Clash! If you're unfamiliar with it, the aim of the Deck Database is to group all the internet's resources for each popular deck in one place. This way, if you're looking to try out a new deck

What’s the Play For Florida?

In this upcoming weekend, Florida will be holding it's Winter Regional Championships! It's going to attract a lot of interest from around the World, because it'll be the first major tournament where Primal Clash will be legal. There aren't any previous tournament results to analyse, so it'll be harder to tell which
Pokemon TCG Community Survey

The View from the Community!

Pokemon Organised Play have made some pretty big changes recently, some at the start of this season, and some at the start of the one before that. Matches can now be tied and players are perfectly entitled to agree to intentionally draw without even playing out their games. Swiss rounds are decided