Genesect’s Revival!

If you didn't see the results from Spring Regionals, Virizion/Genesect was tied for the most wins, and had the highest Top 8 placings from any deck. Was it a fluke? Maybe, it was definitely a surprise. Virizion/Genesect has never been seen as unplayable, or a bad deck choice, but it's never really had it's time

Through the Pyroar and the Flames – Part 1

As US Regionals are being closed out, more and more eyes are looking at the last set of this season: Flash Fire. This is always a very interesting set, as it shapes the metagame of the most prestigious and important tournaments: National and World

Will Lysandre Replace Pokemon Catcher?

In a few weeks time when Flashfire is released, one of the biggest questions everyone will be wondering is whether Lysandre is worth running over Pokemon Catcher. While Pokemon Catcher dropped in popularity after it was errated to require

The Results from Week Two of Regionals!

Two more Spring Regional championships took place last weekend, in Utah and Wisconsin, meaning that six in total have been held in North America so far. Thanks to the Top Cut, we now have the results from week two to look at and analyse!

Flashfire Predictions and Pokemon Philosophy

In this article, I take a look at some of the more notable, interesting or hyped cards from Flashfire, then get into some general game philosophy addressing the strategy of denial in the Pokemon TCG. I will start off with the Charizard group because, well, when i

What’s Winning Regionals?

Last weekend saw four Regional Championships take place across the United States, with each attracting some of the best players from around the country. Even though the first XY set had been out for at least a month by the time State Championships started, no deck really established itself

How Would You Like to Commentate the Worlds Final?

Pokemon are actively on the look out for knowledgable players to commentate games from the US Nationals and World Championships, live on stream to thousands of people. Those selected will have all their travel costs paid for, as well as a hotel

Awakening the Yeti!

My name is Jeremy Leong, a Masters player from Singapore! I am a new writer for ProPokemon's Premium membership. Here’s some background information about myself! I turn 22 this year, and I started playing Pokemon competitively in 2010. One of the reasons why I love the game so much

Has 50 + 3 Turns Been a Success?

When the decision was made at the start of this season to change matches to a best of three series with 50 minute time limit, a lot of players were sceptical about how it would turn out. Playing a best of three series has the big advantage of giving someone a chance to

‘XY: Rising Fist’ Announced in Japan!

Information has been released in Japan about the third XY set that will be released there on the 14th of June, around a month after the second XY set (Flashfire) is released in English. It'll be called 'Rising Fist', and looks to look be based around Lucario, meaning

Aromatisse Joins the Party!

When the first XY set was released, Aromatisse was a card that caught a lot of people's eye. It's ability allows you to move any Fairy energy around between your Pokemon, as often as you like during your turn, while being an easy to set up Stage 1 Pokemon. The obvious combination was

Entering the Flashfire!

In a months time, we'll be playing in Pre Releases for our next XY expansion in XY Wild Blaze. In this article I will give you a detailed overview of the set's most interesting cards as well as my thoughts on the set as a whole. Without further ado, let's get into it! Without a doubt, Shiftry is one of the set's

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