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Worlds, Tournament Changes, Rotation Predictions, and Rayquaza in PRC-on!

These are exciting times in the Pokemon TCG! This upcoming weekend, what will almost certainly be the largest ever World Championships is taking place in San Francisco, where new world champions for the 2015-16 season will be crowned. Unfortunately, due to space constraints, only competitors will be allowed access to the Worlds venue, but all the action will be streamed, so if you're not competing, you'll be able to keep up with the action wherever you are.
Pokemon mirror

Tips and Tricks for Coming Out on Top in the Mirror Match!

In this article, I look at a topic that seems to rarely get much attention in articles like this one: the mirror match and how to handle it. I think that players tend to spend less time than they should on both testing the mirror and crafting lists that have mirror advantages. I am going to begin with general advice on approaching mirror preparation, and then I will address specific popular mirror matches

With Steam Siege Here, What’s The Play For Standard?

You might have heard, but there's a pretty good deck going around at the moment called Night March. It dominated US Nationals and also won the tournament, it doesn't have to worry about Karen anymore, and thanks to Pokemon Ranger from Steam Siege it can easily brush aside Seismitoad EX, Giratina EX, Jolteon EX, and so on. In this article we're going to talk about the current Standard format with Steam Siege, which will be playable for some League Challenges as well as the World Championships.
Pokemon Stadium

“Race Against the Clock” – Time Management in Competitive Pokémon

Hello everyone! What a time to be alive, eh? The World Championships are only weeks away, and even those trainers not participating will surely be eager to tune into one of the many streams that Pokémon surely will be hosting so that everyone can enjoy it, even from the greatest distances. Until then, we’re in a bit of a lull, with no competitive action until then. A great time to talk about something timeless that is always applicable to competitive Pokémon: indeed, we’re going to talk about how to play the clock.

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Two Interesting Decks from US Nationals!

There were a lot of interesting decks at US Nationals outside of the Top 8, and today I want to look at two of those. Now that Karen has almost certainly been confirmed to not be in Steam Siege, it's likely that the metagame for Worlds will be similar to that from US Nationals, and so it's a good idea to explore some new decks and ideas that people used!
Pokemon Nationals

US National Championships: Top 8 Decks – Video

Hey everyone, Today we'll be looking at the Top 8 decks to feature at this years US National Championships. If you're looking for new decks to play or just want a recap of what decks managed to get all the way to the Top 8, then be sure to give it a watch! Thanks again for watching, PokéCastXVII

Three Winning Decks from State Championships!

Today we're going to be looking at three decks that won State Championships in the Masters division from the US, during weeks one, two, and three! All deck lists were provided by the official Pokemon website and can be found by following this link. Congratulations to all the players featured who were able to win their respective tournaments!

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Pokemon Worlds

Watch the World Championships this Weekend!

The 2016 World Championships for the TCG, VGC, and Pokken take place this weekend (19th-21th of August) in San Francisco! With a combined prize pool of more than $500,000 across all three events, and a record number of invitees as well as the debut of Pokken, it's shaping up to be an amazing event.

Video – Top 10 Decks: Pokemon World Championships 2016!

Hey everyone, Today we'll be reviewing what I believe to be are the top ten decks for this years Pokémon World Championships! If you are attending San Francisco this year for the event or just want an idea as to what decks will most likely be featuring, then be sure to give it a watch =] Also I now have a Facebook, be sure to follow me on there if you want to keep more up to date with the channel
Pokemon US National Championships

Watch the US National Championships this Weekend!

The US National Championships, the largest Pokemon competition of the season, take place this Friday through to Sunday. As well as the VGC and Pokken, Pokemon will be live streaming TCG action across all three days, where you can see the 1000+ TCG players fight it out for the chance to become national champion! There's a strong line up for the commentators, with the confirmed names for the TCG as Kyle Sabelhaus, Kyle Sucevich, Kenny Wisdom, Josue Rojano and Josh Wittenkeller.