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A First Look at Plasma Blast!


We now have some information on the upcoming set Plasma Blast, due for release on August the 14th! Below is the set description and all of the images that we were sent in the press release. Let me know what you think about Plasma Blast in the comment section below!


Plasma Blast Description:


Black & White_Plasma Blast expansion logo


Pokémon TCG: Black & White—Plasma Blast is the latest expansion to the Pokémon Trading Card Game franchise and will be available in stores on August 14, 2013, bringing over 100 new cards to collect and play.

Key Features of the Pokémon TCG: Black & White—Plasma Blast Expansion:

Team Plasma cards—A unique blue border and Team Plasma shield adorn each Team Plasma card

Six new Pokémon-EX cards and five full-art Pokémon-EX rare Ultra cards—New, powerful
Pokémon-EX include Genesect-EX, Kyurem-EX, Palkia-EX, and Dialga-EX

Four new ACE SPEC cards—Incredibly powerful Trainer cards. Only one ACE SPEC card is
allowed in each player’s deck

Booster packs—Packs of 10 additional cards selected from the expansion will sell for $3.99

Theme decks—60-card pre-constructed decks are designed to introduce players to the Pokémon
TCG by enabling them to play right away. Theme decks will sell for $11.99

Black & White—Plasma Blast theme decks and booster packs include an in-pack code card that unlocks virtual cards from the Black & White—Plasma Blast expansion for play in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online at


Theme Deck Images:


Mind Wipe theme deck feat. Genesect_RGB_150dpi                                   Solar Strike theme deck feat. Volcarona_RGB_150dpi


Booster Pack Images:


Black & White_Plasma Blast_Booster_Dialga_RGB_150dpi                              Black & White_Plasma Blast_Genesect_RGB_150dpi

Black & White_Plasma Blast_Palkia_RGB_150dpi                              Black & White_Plasma Blast_PorygonZ_RGB_150dpi


First Pokemon Card Scans:


Jirachi-EX card                         Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 23.52.14

  • Derpify

    Since genesect is probably going to be big, could you possible post an Entei EX/Chandelure list or a frozen city variant of TDK? Also, I believe hydreigon is going to make a comeback looking at the battle carnival results, Hydreigon/Darkrai/Absol/Laserbank/Virizion got 2nd.


  • Guest

    The Set is already out (and has been) for sometime with translations. Just look around and you’ll find it.

  • Frikenhuklhead

    How many cards does plasma blast have and will plasma blast be in bosster boxes

  • Kane Dragon (alias)

    One thing I know is that once PBL Haxorus comes, people won’t want to play that much plasma decks if they could get that stage 2 in XD

  • Daniel

    pokemon is awesome

  • RotomOnToontown

    finally the lake trio is in gen V.

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