About Us

ProPokemon was founded all the way back in 2011 to help provide quality Pokemon TCG content online, at a time when there weren’t many resources for both new and experienced players to use. Since that point we’ve posted hundreds of articles written by lots of different players, including tournament tips, results analysis, discussion of different decks, and the general state of the game.

The look of our website has changed a lot in that time period, and we’ve grown tremendously in visitors from when we first started out, which has been an amazing experience. We all love the Pokemon TCG and having a way of discussing it with other players has always been a lot of fun.

ProPokemon was founded and is edited by Nathan, with Mark and Alex writing for the site at the moment. All three of us having been playing for a long time (almost ten years myself), and have played in hundreds of tournaments over that time period including the World Championships each.

I (Nathan) also manage and run the Harry Potter store Magic Alley which is worth a look if you’re a Harry Potter fan, and sells products like butterbeer, wands, and jewellery. While Magic Alley is based in the UK, we do sell to most countries around the World.