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Gallade Octillery Deck

“A Good Top Deck” – Gallade/Octillery Analysis

Hey guys, today I’m going to go over the Gallade/Octillery deck that surprised friend and foe at Mexico City Regionals. So far the Guardians Rising format has shown again and again that intricate combos are back and here to stay in the Pokémon TCG, and this is just another example. It’s been a while since Gallade and Octillery were in the spotlight, so let’s briefly recap how these cards work again.

“What Does the Fox Say?” – Zoroark/Drampa-GX Analysis

Hey guys! As our regular readers might have noticed, the front page of ProPokemon has been mostly premium articles as of late. However, starting today, we’re going to be trying to release two free items every week in addition to the premium content we were already doing. These free articles can (and will) be about almost any subject: deck and tournament analysis, in-game decisions, the usual suspects.
Metagross GX Deck

“A Meta Shift” – Madison and Birmingham Top Deck Discussion

Hey guys, If you thought our metagame was going to be a stale garbage dump for the next three months, take a good look at the Madison, Wisconsin Regional Championship results. While Trashalanche was still a presence in both the Top 32 and the Top 8, in the end Wisconsin was all about Garbodor counters in many forms and varieties. Michael Pramawat ended up the victor with Vespiquen, but as I already discussed that archetype in detail last week I’m going to be brief on that.

“How Not To Get Buried in a Trashalanche” – Seattle Regionals Result Analysis and How to Beat Garbodor

Hey guys! If you’ve followed the Seattle Regionals coverage on stream or on Facebook or saw the results on Charizard Lounge, you might’ve done a double take: on first sight, there seems to be nothing but Garbodor decks in the Top 32 and Top 8. After some squinting and digging, you’ll find some other decks like Vespiquen, M Rayquaza, Alolan Ninetales, Waterbox and Decidueye…but nonetheless, 28 out of 32 day 2 decks featured Trashalanche Garbodor.

“Howl long until we get something new?” – Results from Latin America Internationals and Guardians Rising Impact

Hey guys! Last week the the third Internationals of the season ended and the results, for the most part, were not very surprising. Nonetheless it’s important that we do go over what stuck out in the results, if only because soon enough there’s Roanoke Regionals coming up and you’ll want to be fully prepared. But for those of you not going, and/or those who are more curious about what is to come when the new set hits the scenes, you will get your rightful share of ideas and speculation in this article too.
Lapras GX Deck

“How you doin’?” – State of the Sun & Moon metagame and Lapras Analysis

Hey guys! We’re a couple months into the post Sun & Moon era and players have had some time to adapt to the newest additions to the metagame. Unsurprisingly, the game started out roughly as it had been before the set came out: the most successful decks were old ones that could deal with the great unknown that the new set brought us. They did this either through the straight-up, consistent damage dealing of Turbo Darkrai and, later on, Volcanion…or by simply preventing new cards from being as powerful through a lock effect, most notably Garbodor to shut off abilities.

“Owl Hunt” – Intricacies about playing and beating Decidueye, courtesy of Melbourne and Malmo

Hey guys! A lot has happened since I’ve last been able to write, the most important one probably being the mass owl breakout (beakout?) in the Pokémon TCG. After John Kettler’s double breakout performance, the community caught on to the deck’s major strength and it’s now firmly ingrained into the mind of every player, either as something to play or to beat. Alex has already given an overview of how the deck is built and how to play.

“The Shef-field” – Standard Overview for Oceania Internationals

Hello everyone! Spring Regionals are in full swing with two more of them happening last weekend: Sheffield in the UK and St Louis in the USA. There’s every reason to take a close look at what happened there if you are one of the fortunate people competing in the upcoming Oceania International Championships (March 10-12) or the Oregon Regional Championships in the USA (March 25th).

 “Dawn of Sun and Moon” – Anaheim Regionals Results Analysis

Hey readers! Last weekend saw the much anticipated first series of tournaments with the Sun & Moon sets legal. While the Americans were playing Anaheim Regionals, Sun & Moon also debuted on the tournament scene in the Netherlands (where I live). This article will obviously focus on the former tournament: what decks did well, which decks disappeared from the face of the earth and what this means for future tournaments.

“Square Two” – Early Sun & Moon Testing Results, Where to Go From Here?

Now that Sun & Moon has officially hit the West, players all over the world are trying to make sense of what it changes about the game that we knew so well. I’ve found it a very strange experience, since the new cards are in a way very much unlike the old ones. The last set (Evolutions) hardly changed anything about our already pretty stale metagame, so it was pretty long ago that we actually had a proper warp to our format.
Sun Moon Tauros 2

“A Starting Point” – Applying Sun & Moon to the Existing Standard Metagame

Hey guys! The Sun & Moon set is about to drop and within a couple of weeks there’s Anaheim Regionals to worry about as well. While the set definitely will have its impact on Expanded, I’m going to be focusing on what Sun & Moon is going to do on multiple levels. Alex highlighted the most important players of the new set here, so I’m going to be trying to implement them into existing as well as new decks.