Blastoise/Keldeo is one of the most popular decks to come from Boundaries Crossed, perhaps because it uses two new cards from the set, Blastoise and Keldeo EX. Blastoise is almost a reprint of the Blastoise from Base Set, with the Ability Deluge, which let’s you attach as many Water energy from your hand, to any of your Pokemon. Keldeo EX’s attack Secret Sword requires three colourless energy, but hits for a minimum of 50 damage plus 20 more for each Water energy attached (meaning you’ll be hitting for 110+ damage provided you only play Water energy in the deck).

The synergy between both of these cards is relatively simple, and doesn’t require much of an explanation. You’ll just need to set up Blastoise as quickly as possible, attach as many Water energy as you can to your Keldeo EXs, and hit for as much damage as quickly as possible.


First of all, let’s have a look at my deck list:


Pokemon: 13

4-1-3 Blastoise (All Boundaries Crossed)
3 Keldeo EX
1 Mewtwo EX
1 Kyurem NV


Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 33

4 Professor Juniper
4 N
3 Cheren
3 Skyla
4 Rare Candy
4 Ultra Ball
4 Pokemon Catcher
2 Level Ball
1 Computer Search
3 Energy Retrieval
1 Super Rod


Energy: 14

14 Water Energy


Deck Overview


As you can see, my list in general doesn’t differ too much from the core strategy. I don’t run any Super Scoop Up, even though it’s a card which can work great in this deck, and decided to play only one copy of both Mewtwo EX and Kyurem as well. They’re both great alternative attackers which deserve a spot, but the most important aspect of this deck is setting up a quick Blastoise ideally on the second or third turn, which is what I’m aiming to do here.

Since you can attach those Water energy to any Pokemon, not just Water type Pokemon, Mewtwo EX is a smart inclusion. It’s a useful back up attacker than can hit Psychic Pokemon for weakness, be a response to an opposing Mewtwo EX with lots of energy attached, and can also help deal with Shaymin EX which hits Keldeo EX for it’s Grass type Weakness. Kyurem hasn’t seen too much play since last year’s City Championships, but it’s useful here. If you can spread 30 damage around the opponent’s field a couple of times, you’ll need a lot less energy attached to a Keldeo EX to knock their Pokemon out, setting up multiple knock outs towards the end of the game.

Skyla is really awesome in this deck, since you’ll typically have one piece of the puzzle in your hand (a Blastoise or Rare Candy), but not the other. Skyla can help to either search out that crucial Rare Candy or Ultra Ball, and makes a huge difference in getting that Turn Two Blastoise more consistently.

It works great with Computer Search, allowing you to essentially search out any card from your deck with a Skyla (look at how popular Roserade has been recently), and it can also help you search out that crucial last Pokemon Catcher or Super Rod towards the end of the game.

Alongside the fourteen Water Energy and three Energy Retrieval, then deck also plays a Super Rod meaning you can potentially use twenty three Water Energy throughout the course of a game.

Unlike Eelektrik for example which recycles Lightning energy back from the discard pile, you’ll be losing a lot of energy very quickly once a your first Keldeo EX is knocked out, and it’s important to have enough to last throughout the game.It’s also important to remember that you only get the most use from Blastoise if you’re attaching several energy a turn, so running a lot of them means you should always have some in your hand.

The final point I want to talk about is a lack of Switch, even though Blastoise has a huge four energy retreat cost! Keldeo EX also has a pretty useful ability called Rush In, which allows you to switch Keldeo EX into the active position from your bench. It means that you can essentially send it back to the active position no matter what your opponent tries to leave stranded in the active position, completely eliminating a need to play any Switch. What’s better, it’s also one of the only ways you can escape from a Paralysis lock from a Tynamo or Accelgor, and still attack on that turn, which can occasionally prove useful.


Closing Thoughts


Even though I expect Blastoise/Keldeo to see a decent amount of play throughout City Championships, I don’t think it will be as successful as some people expect it to be, and almost expect it to be like the Garchomp/Altaria of Battle Roads. Although the deck is very strong once it gets set up, other past decks with similar ideas such as Reshiram/Emboar have never lived up to the hype surrounding them, and have struggled for consistency and keeping energy recycled throughout games.

I think that the deck is heavily reliant on getting a quick Blastoise set up which isn’t always possible, and between fourteen Water Energy, three Energy Retrieval, and a Super Rod, it’s easy to draw into clunky and unworkable hands. I expect it to give most of the Tier 1 decks such as Darkrai and Rayquaza hard games, but to typically miss out by a prize or two at the end.