Gardevoir GX Burning Shadows Deck

“Hype Factor” – Is Gardevoir GX The Best Play For Anaheim?

With both Worlds and the Anaheim Open only a few days away, I thought it would be beneficial to devote an entire article to the most hyped deck to come from Burning Shadows, Gardevoir GX. I think that Anaheim is going to be filled with a lot of different decks, not just a sea of pink, and I don’t think Gardevoir GX is necessarily the best deck or the perfect play (although it may well be!). The format is too open and undefined, host to too many good decks with a diverse set of strengths and weaknesses...

“Putting the Burning Back in Burning Shadows” – Volcanion Analysis

Hey guys, The World Championships are less than a week away, and the entire Pokémon community seems to be excitedly trying to see what the best decks are with the addition of Burning Shadows. Poké has published their own piece with what they expect to be the most likely successful ones. Their assessment of the best decks seems to be similar to my own: that Burning Shadows is not going to add too many new archetypes to the format...

“Burning Up” – The Best Plays for Anaheim with Burning Shadows

I think that the very first thing to do once a new set drops is assess all of the top decks from the recent past and see which of them remain relevant. Part of this assessment involves figuring out what new cards fit into these old decks, and part of it involves measuring new powerful cards versus the old decks – you ask whether a new hyped archetype, like Gardevoir GX for a current example, is going to be too much for Old Deck A or Old Deck B to handle.
Espeon Garbodor Deck

“Final Performance in the New Season” – Liverpool Preview & Preparations and Reinventing Espeon/Garbodor

Hey guys! At the time of writing, Liverpool Regionals is on the horizon. It’s a bit of a strange tournament: it’s in the pre-Burning Shadows format that we all know and love, but the Championship Points count for the new season. Because of that, it’s a great way to get ahead in the Championship Point race. During the 2016-2017 season, players with early successes could take advantage of a “snowball effect” where a quick lead in Championship Points could get you a travel stipend handed out after the first quarter of the season.
Dusknoir Burning Shadows

“Rising From The Shadows” – A First Look At Burning Shadows

In this article, I take a first look at the new set, Burning Shadows, and identify the cards that I think have the most competitive potential. I am not going to bother trying to rank these cards (really a pointless exercise especially without any results to go by), so don’t read anything into the order that the cards appear. You can see English translations for each of these cards on Bulbapedia here.
Shaymin Set Up

“Round and Around” – A Close Look at the Effects of the Rotation

Hey guys! Just the other day, Pokémon finally announced the rotation for the next season! Like how a lot of people predicted, they decided to go with BREAKthrough onwards, not wanting to split the BREAK sets in two. This means that for the 2017-2018 season, we’re losing three main sets: Ancient Origins, Roaring Skies, Primal Clash, as well as the mini-set Double Crisis.
Vileplume Decidueye

“Back to the Finals” – The Two Best Decks from the North American Intercontinental Championships!

In this article, I take a close look at the top 2 decks from the recently-concluded epic North American Intercontinental Championship (NAIC): Vileplume/Decidueye GX and Drampa GX/Garbodor. I actually had the pleasure of rooming with Kettler during the weekend of the event. That means I’ve got stories, right? Wild tales of late-night Pokemon mayhem? Gossip? Scandal? Well, no...

“Another Two Decks Coming Your Way” – Raichu/Lycanroc GX and Slow Volcanion!

In this article, I examine two more solid Standard options (it feels like these options are never-ending!), both of which use Guardians Rising cards in prominent roles to inject new relevancy into old archetypes: Raichu/Lycanroc GX and “Slow Volcanion”. Below is a list that Pablo Meza shared on his Tablemon YouTube channel which a friend of his used at Seattle Regionals.

“Decisions, Decisions” – How to choose your deck for US Internationals and Double Darkrai Analysis

Hey guys! Today we’re going to talk about the thing on almost every competitive player’s mind: how to choose a deck for the biggest event of the season, if not Pokémon history. It’s a daunting prospect: there’s enormous prizes on the line, the metagame is more diverse than it has been in years and you’re going to face a ridiculous gauntlet of at least ten rounds. And I’m sure there are decks that I forgot.
Sun Moon

“Standard’s Rising Star” – Partnering Tapu Bulu GX with Vikavolt GX or Lurantis GX!

In this article I take a look at Tapu Bulu GX, a rising star in the Standard format, with two different partners: Vikavolt SM and Lurantis GX. This deck has a very linear strategy from which you will rarely deviate: get out as many Vikavolt as you can as quickly as you can and then use Strong Charge to allow a string of OHKOs with Tapu Bulu GX’s Nature’s Judgment.
Metagross GX Deck

“A Meta Shift” – Madison and Birmingham Top Deck Discussion

Hey guys, If you thought our metagame was going to be a stale garbage dump for the next three months, take a good look at the Madison, Wisconsin Regional Championship results. While Trashalanche was still a presence in both the Top 32 and the Top 8, in the end Wisconsin was all about Garbodor counters in many forms and varieties. Michael Pramawat ended up the victor with Vespiquen, but as I already discussed that archetype in detail last week I’m going to be brief on that.

“How Not To Get Buried in a Trashalanche” – Seattle Regionals Result Analysis and How to Beat Garbodor

Hey guys! If you’ve followed the Seattle Regionals coverage on stream or on Facebook or saw the results on Charizard Lounge, you might’ve done a double take: on first sight, there seems to be nothing but Garbodor decks in the Top 32 and Top 8. After some squinting and digging, you’ll find some other decks like Vespiquen, M Rayquaza, Alolan Ninetales, Waterbox and Decidueye…but nonetheless, 28 out of 32 day 2 decks featured Trashalanche Garbodor.