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Darkrai/Terrakion has been a pretty successful deck in the past, so it only made sense that it would evolve into Darkrai/Landorus once Boundaries Crossed came out. Although Terrakion is still a great card, Landorus EX is strong against a wider variety of decks (which is important considering Darkrai isn’t as dominant as it once was), and comes with some of the overpowered stats we’re used to with EX Pokemon. It can spread damage around the opponent’s field from the first turn, and set up one hit knock outs later on for both itself and Darkrai.

It’s already a deck that has proven it’s one of the best during City Championships, winning multiple tournaments, and is one of the most popular variants of Darkrai to play.


Here’s my current list


Pokemon: 10

2 Sableye

3 Darkrai EX

2 Landorus EX

1 Terrakion

1 Mewtwo EX

1 Ho oh EX


Supporters/Trainers: 38

4 Professor Juniper

4 N

3 Bianca

2 Skyla

1 Random Receiver

1 Computer Search/Gold Potion

4 Energy Switch

2 Enhanced Hammer

1 Tool Scrapper

4 Pokemon Catcher

1 Energy Search

3 Eviolite

4 Ultra Ball

4 Dark Patch


Energy: 12

8 Darkness

4 Fighting


Deck Overview


Unlike some other Darkrai variants, Sableye takes more of a back seat in my deck list. I only run two copies, and also chose to drop Crushing Hammer in favour of other consistency cards. Part of my thinking for this is that spreading damage around the opponent’s field as quickly as possible with Landorus EX is often a better option to using Junk Hunt on the first turn, and in that sense I have four Pokemon which are good choices to open with.

The lack of Crushing Hammer is also an interesting dilemma since there’s no doubt that if you can flip a decent amount of heads, it can slow the opponent down tremendously. I’ve just found that recently, there are less decks that Crushing Hammer is particuarly strong against. Nearly all the most popular decks at the moment gain some sort of benefit from energy being discarded, thanks to cards like Dark Patch, Ho oh EX, and Eelektrik. That’s not to say that discarding energy isn’t still a good idea, but it’s not a fool proof plan to put them behind with an energy attachment. Blastoise/Keldeo is another deck which isn’t too bothered by it, as most variants run around thirteen to fourteen energy, and multiple Energy Retrieval as well.

Enhanced Hammer from Dark Explorers

I have kept Enhanced Hammer however, because I feel it serves the purpose that Crushing Hammer is supposed to. Mewtwo EX, Tornadus EX and Bouffalant have all risen in popularity recently, and are all heavily reliant on Double Colourless energy.

They can’t get it back from the discard, and since they can only run four copies at most in their deck, it’s harder to draw into another copy soon after the first. Facing up against a Turn One X Ball or Blow Throw can be a killer, and having the option to Skyla or potentially Computer Search out an Enhanced Hammer is just too good to pass up.

I’ve also made the decision to keep a single Mewtwo EX in the deck, even though it isn’t essential in the deck. A Mewtwo EX with two or three energy attacking isn’t usually too much of a threat, but if it’s got maybe five or six energy attached, it can be a real problem. Playing at least one Mewtwo EX gives you an insurance option against that situation occurring which can be common considering Mewtwo EX is often one of the better attacking options for your opponent to face a Landorus EX with.

You don’t have to run Ho oh EX, and could replace it easily with either a Super Rod or Energy Retrieval as other options to get back that fifth (or even sixth) Fighting Energy if you need it. I ran Ho oh EX in my Darkrai/Terrakion a few months back and really liked it, and a lot of the same thinking still applies.

The deck runs four Energy Switch to move the energy from it, and it’s a great option towards the end of the game as an alternative form of Energy Acceleration. It can also allow you to deal 150 damage with Landorus EX twice in a row, which the opponent often won’t expect. I feel one of the main arguments against Ho oh EX at the moment is that Keldeo EX can easily knock it out for two prize cards, but considering the fact that Landorus EX is weak to Water, it’s not like you’d want to get back any Fighting energy in that match up anyway.

Back when the Ace Specs first came out, it was pretty much assumed that Computer Search was undoubtedly the better choice out of the four (or two really). I don’t really think this is the case though, at least in most decks. Although Computer Search is always a great draw, playing one copy doesn’t exactly boost consistency a huge deal, and it’s not always game breaking to play. Gold Potion however can completely throw the opponent off guard, and with three Eviolite also in this deck, you can essentially heal 110 damage from an opponent’s attack.

Whether that means keeping an EX Pokemon around for another turn, or denying your opponent the final prize cards they need, it’s usually a pretty clutch card. I wouldn’t say Computer Search is a bad play in this deck by any means, especially considering how good it is with Sableye, but my personal preference is Gold Potion.


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