Garbodor is a card that hasn’t really had much love since it’s release in Dragons Exalted, right at the beginning of this season. It hasn’t been overlooked by everyone, but instead was just hard to fit into a competitive deck. Finding space for a 3-3 line and enough tools can take up to ten spots in one deck, and it just wasn’t good enough to warrant that much space.

However, it took a lot of players by surprise last weekend as it stormed to four State Championship wins, despite being played by only a handful of people. Playing it alongside ‘Big Basics’ means you don’t have to take up a lot of other spots for other Pokemon, or Trainer cards like Rare Candy. Hypnotoxic Laser in combination with Virbank City Gym also allows you to rack up damage much more quickly, especially as they won’t be able to use Keldeo EX’s Rush In ability to switch out of the active position. It was also a common trend to drop Tool Scrapper from deck lists a few weeks ago – not many decks used tools that you could discard, and well, it wasn’t like Garbodor was very popular right?

Finally, Garbodor is set up to counter almost every other popular deck at the moment. Keldeo/Blastoise can’t use Rush In to switch their active Pokemon to bench or use Deluge to attach multiple energy per turn, Klinklang isn’t able to block EX attacks any longer, Rayeels can’t use Dynamotor to reattach Lightning energy from the discard in order to attack with Rayquaza EX, and so on. Even Darkrai can struggle to an extent without Dark Cloak, especially when Landorus EX can hit it for weakness.


Let’s have a look at a list:



Pokemon: 12

3 Landorus EX

3 Mewtwo EX

3-3 Garbodor


Trainers: 36

4 Professor Juniper

4 N

3 Skyla

2 Bianca

4 Rescue Scarf

1 EXP Share

4 Hypnotoxic Laser

2 Virbank City Gym

1 Dowsing Machine

3 Ultra Ball

1 Level Ball

3 Pokemon Catcher

3 Switch

1 Escape Rope


Energy: 12

8 Fighting energy

4 Double Colourless energy


Deck List Overview:


The Pokemon lines are pretty standard. I’ve seen that some lists use a Tornadus EX over the third Mewtwo ex, but I think that having that additional Mewtwo is much more important. It can be your main attacking threat in a lot of matchups, and thanks to the single EXP Share in the deck, you can also be a little more lenient in attaching several energy to a Mewtwo EX.

Make sure you use the right Trubbish from Noble Victories, which allows you to put a card from your Discard Pile onto the top of your deck. It’s great to have if you’re experiencing a slow start, and it’s also a nice option to have towards the end of the game if you have no copies left of an important card, such as a Tool to attach to Garbodor.

Skyla is really useful in this deck, which is why I’ve included three copies. You can use it to search out a Tool card for Garbodor, a Virbank City Gym to help get more damage from your Hypnotoxic Lasers, or just for a Level Ball to ensure you can bench a Trubbish on the first turn.


Your main tool card should always be Rescue Scarf. Since you’ll be attaching most of your tools to Garbodor, you want to chose one that will benefit it, rather than an Eviolite for example. Rescue Scarf is the only way you can get a Trubbish and Garbodor back from the discard pile to set up again, if your opponent tries to knock them out.

Managing energy is crucial as Mewtwo can hit for more damage with X Ball, and Landorus can hit for 150 damage more freely. That’s why I included an EXP Share as the fifth tool card, although you could easily replace it with an Eviolite instead.

Dowsing Machine is the Ace Spec of choice, although Scramble Switch can be pretty useful at times as well. The opponent usually has a few different ways they can play against this deck, and depending on what they decide to do, you’ll need a specific Trainer from your deck to deal with it.

Switch stops them being able to lock a Garbodor in the active position, a sixth Tool card helps out if they play a high count of Tool Scrapper, and a third Virbank City Gym is great if they play another Stadium such as Tropical Beach in their deck. Dowsing Machine allows you to have that extra card in the right circumstance, and can also get a Supporter card back if you have a dead hand.


Thoughts on the Deck:


Garbodor is absolutely incredible in the right situation, and until it’s eventual rotation, it’s always going to be a card people keep in mind when building a deck. However, the downside is that a 3-3 Garbodor line and four Rescue Scarf take up ten spots in the deck, so you really need to be confident you’ll play enough decks with important abilities to make it’s inclusion worthwhile.

Right now, with Garbodor performing so well during the first weekend of States, you can expect more hate towards it. However, it’s really not that easy a deck to tech against, if you have a bad matchup to it already. One Tool Scrapper doesn’t do a whole lot – to make a real difference you’ll need a second copy, or a Dowsing Machine to use a single copy twice. It’s similar to Klinklang in that you can completely swing the matchup with a couple of cards, but you’ll suffer inconsistency issues against other decks.

The other alternative is that people will switch to decks such as Landorus/Mewtwo/Tornadus that don’t rely on any abilities, although I expect most people will keep their existing decks and try to tech against it with added Tool Scrappers instead.