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Keldeo/Blastoise/Black Kyurem


Everyone knows how strong Blastoise/Keldeo is, but with the release of Plasma Storm it gains another attacking option – Black Kyurem EX. If you're not quite sure what it does, for four energy (two Water, one Colourless and one Lightning), it hits for 200 damage and then requires you to discard three energy. Aside from the Lightning energy requirement, this card fits perfectly alongside Blastoise and Keldeo EX.

It might seem a lot to discard three energy every turn, but it's well worth it if you can knock out an EX Pokemon and draw two prize cards. Thanks to Blastoise's Deluge, you can just attach three more energy on the following turn anyway. Since you only have to discard three energy, you can leave the Lightning energy on the Black Kyurem if you wish, which means you don't need to run a large amount of them in the deck. Keldeo EX still provides a more solid early game attacker, even though it only hits for 130 damage for four energy, and thanks to Rush In, you can easily break out of any Hypnotoxic Laser Special Condition locks.


Here's my current list:


Pokemon: 13

4 Squirtle
3 Blastoise
1 Mewtwo EX
3 Keldeo EX
2 Black Kyurem EX


Supporters/Trainers/Trainers: 33

4 Professor Juniper
4 Skyla
3 Colress
1 Cilan
2 Bianca
4 Ultra Ball
1 Dowsing Machine
4 Pokemon Catcher
4 Rare Candy
4 Energy Retrieval
2 Tropical Beach


Energy: 14

11 Water
3 Lightning


Deck Overview:


As you can see, this is a pretty basic deck list. I haven't playtested a huge deal with the deck so far, and I don't think any lists will be perfected this early on anyway. Instead, there's the option to try out cards like Max Potion, Heavy Ball, Level Ball, Prism energy and any Fire type Pokemon to counter Klinklang if you wish.

Keldeo EX is still the main focus of this deck, and with the release of Hypnotoxic Laser, it wouldn't be a great idea to drop the count down to two. You won't typically get Black Kyurem EX going until the later stages of a game, and Keldeo EX still hits for a very respectable 110 damage for three Water energy in the opening few turns.

I still wanted to include one copy of Mewtwo EX as well. Black Kyurem EX is actually a pretty decent Mewtwo EX counter, as you can knock them out with one attack, and since you discard three energy, they won't be able to attack with X Ball for much damage on their following turn. However as I mentioned before, it's not easy to set up Black Kyurem EX quickly, and this single Mewtwo EX is there to help out in the opening stages of a game, when your opponent sets up a quick Mewtwo EX themselves.

Black Kyurem can be ridiculous in this deck! I've included two copies, but you might sometimes find you only need one. The second is there as a 'security option', in the situation where one copy is prized, you had to discard one early on with an Ultra Ball or Professor Juniper, or even when the opponent is running Dragon type Pokemon as well and can hit yours for weakness.

I've never really liked N in this deck since it can struggle with small hand sizes, and thanks to the release of Colress, we can finally drop it from the deck. I really like Colress, especially in decks like this where you should be able to fill up your bench pretty quickly.

Playing four can be overkill, especially at the start of the game where you might only be drawing three or four cards back from your deck. One Cilan is awesome at the end of the game to find those last few energy from your deck and set up a big attack. It also searches Lightning energy out for Black Kyurem EX, which is another bonus.

Choosing the right Ace Spec for this deck is pretty tough – Computer Search, Dowsing Machine and even Scramble Switch all have valid arguments going for them. I usually decide on whether Computer Search is a good idea from the amount of Skyla that the deck plays, but nearly always in this deck, you'll need to search out cards like Tropical Beach or Rare Candy instead. Dowsing Machine can be that killer fifth Energy Retrieval, Pokemon Catcher, or third Tropical Beach towards the end of the game, and completely swing the game in your favour. I do feel that Scramble Switch could potentially be the better choice, but I need to test it more to form an opinion.

Tropical Beach is absolutely amazing in this deck, but I realise it's not an option for a lot of players, due to it's rarity and price. With stadiums like Virbank City Gym likely to become popular, it's a great option to not only draw several cards from your deck, but also remove their stadium from the field. The truth is, there isn't really any replacement for Tropical Beach in this deck. If you do have those two spots free, I'd suggest trying out single copy cards such as Level Ball, Pokemon Center, Max Potion, Heavy Ball and Super Rod to see which options you like the best.

The final topic I wanted to talk about was the inclusion of Prism energy in the deck, or any other Special energy. The bonus of this is that you can use them as Lightning energy for Black Kyurem EX, but they'll still add twenty more damage for Keldeo EX's attacks. In addition, it's easier to run a single Fire tech like Moltres or Victini if you're worried about coming up against any Klinklang decks. The only real downside is coming up against decks with Enhanced Hammer, which will effectively reduce the energy count in your deck to maybe nine or ten, and also make it a lot more difficult to attack with Black Kyurem EX. It's really a case of trying to predict whether Enhanced Hammer will be popular in your local metagame, or whether people will use those spots for other cards instead.

  • Patrick Den Boer

    Can u tell me what this deck can do against a plasma klingklang?

    • Nathan

      That deck list I posted doesn’t have a great matchup against it. Three Blastoise aren’t going to be strong enough to take six prizes, and they can be hard to quickly set up as well. Your best bet is to switch the Lightning energy for Prism energy, and add some non EX fire Pokemon like Victini or Moltres, which will make the matchup a lot easier.

  • Ayinde Best

    what about crystal wall

  • Benjamin Small

    which is better lugia or black kyurem in blastoise/keldeo?

    • Nathan

      Black Kyurem definitely – expect it to be a key part of the deck, hitting for 200 a turn is insane!

  • Lee Erin

    i think in stead of black kyurem u should use raikou i used your deck and altered it and put a Raikou and some magnezone from plasma storm and theone that has double assist so that when you discard a lightning energy you can get it back and to switch freely you can use rush in

    • Facepalm

      Plasma kling klang only protects from metal and you need to start with basic and evolve. You cant just use magnezone with no magnemite or magneton.

  • Lee Erin

    from ex

  • Lee Erin

    raikou ex sorry

  • Zenon

    how about i don’t put in prof Juniper, i put tynamo and elektric instead because elektric with the dynamoto ability will reduce the retrieving of energy

  • Wenceslao Trevino

    which one is better the blastoise/black kyurem/keldeo or blastoise dominates week one?

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