If you found Quad Sigilyph annoying to play against, then Klinklang/Cobalion is going to take that to a whole new level. Team Plasma’s Klinklang gives all your metal Pokemon immunity from the attacks of any EX Pokemon, and has the firepower of cards such as Cobalion EX to hit for 100 damage a turn.

The Black and White Klinklang allows you to move Metal energy around the board, meaning you can use cards such as Max Potion to heal any damage the opponent does manage to rack up, and the attacks of Cobalion and Cobalion EX can disrupt the opponent further by discarding their Special energy, or making their non EX Pokemon unable to attack on the following turn.



Here’s my current list:


Pokemon: 16

4 Klink

1 Klang

3 Klinklang (Plasma Storm)

1 Klinklang (Black and White)

2 Cobalion

2 Cobalion EX

1 Keldeo EX


Supporters/Trainers/Stadiums: 32

4 Professor Juniper

4 Skyla

3 N

1 Colress

2 Tropical Beach

1 Computer Search

3 Pokemon Catcher

4 Rare Candy

3 Heavy Ball

2 Ultra Ball

4 Switch

1 Max Potion


Energy: 12

12 Metal



Deck List Overview  



Wow, was this deck hard to fit into 60 cards! I’m used to trying to cut one or two cards from a list, but there are so many I would have liked to play in here that I just couldn’t find room for. You could easily make arguments for a fourth Pokemon Catcher, third Ultra Ball, another Supporter, second Max Potion, and perhaps another Pokemon as well! I had to stick to what the deck absolutely needed to work, and although I’m not happy with some of the cards I did have to drop, I think we’re left with a fairly basic but strong list to test and tweak with.

Although it may seem low to only have two of each attacking Pokemon, I think it’s fine to last throughout a game. Assuming we’re looking to win, the opponent can only take five prize cards at most. The Cobalions alone make up six, and the chances are, your opponent is going to be targeting your Klinks and Klinklangs anyway. Cobalion EX and Cobalion aren’t amazing attackers, but there aren’t many good Metal Pokemon around at the moment, and they’re the best choices at the moment. They have a few interesting attacks, and so thanks to the Black and White Klinklang, you can rotate between them and use whatever attack is best.

Some people prefer a 2/2 split of Plasma and Black and White Klinklang, and I can understand why. I’ve gone for the safer option of three Plasma Klinklang here, just as we don’t run Super Rod, and so have the option of a third incase the others were prized, discarded or knocked out. Setting up the Black and White Klinklang can be crucial to the deck’s success, but by the point you set it up, I don’t think the opponent will specifically try to knock it out anyway.

I’ve only gone for twelve Supporters here, since we also run two Tropical Beach and a Computer Search. Skyla is maxed out for good reason – it helps tremendously in the opening few turns, searching out Rare Candy, Heavy Ball and also Tropical Beach.

Tropical Beach is so crucial in the deck, and can’t easily be replaced by any two other cards. If you don’t own any Tropical Beach yourself and are serious about placing well at the State Championships next month, I would recommend playing another deck instead.

The Trainers are all pretty standard. Heavy Ball searches out so many Pokemon in this deck (especially if you play the right Klink), while Ultra Ball can help thin the hand before a Tropical Beach. Max Potion is an awesome option to have, but with space really tight, I could only find room for one. You need to draw into Rare Candies quickly, and so playing four is pretty straight forward. The Ace Spec of choice was Computer Search just to help the deck set up as quickly as possible, but it would be a good idea to try Scramble Switch as well, to see which one you prefer.



My Thoughts on the Deck  



First of all, I think it’s definately a deck you need to be wary of heading into State Championships. Without the right preparations, you’re going to be in for a really tough game, where there won’t be a lot that you can actually do. Cards like Pokemon Catcher and Hypnotoxic Laser alongside Virbank City Gym can always disrupt the opponent and put damage on the board, but you’re always going to be reliant on them not drawing into the right cards in order to win.

The good news is that it’s also very easy to tweak your deck list so that it has a positive matchup against Klinklang. There are two main weaknesses to any Klinklang deck which you can exploit, and I’ll look at both below.



Non-EX Fire type Pokemon


The only three worth considering are Victini (V-Create), Moltres, and Reshiram. These will not only bypass the Plasma Klinklangs ability, but knock out a Cobalion EX with one attack, and wipe a lot of energy from their field.

Victini is the better choice in a deck which doesn’t run many Fire energy and only needs two energy to attack, but is a lot more fragile with 70HP, while Moltres and Reshiram will have at least two turns to attack, and potentially take up to four prize cards.

It’s important to remember that Victini also requires a full bench in order to hit for a base damage of 100, so it’s a good idea to only play it in a deck with a lot of Basic Pokemon.



Energy Acceleration



Klinklang decks suffer from a lack of energy acceleration, and considering Cobalion EX needs three energy to hit for 100 damage, they have to conserve their resources carefully in order to keep enough energy on the field. Sure, you might not be able to hit for much damage without a Fire type Pokemon in your deck, but they won’t either without any energy in play.

The obvious card to use is Crushing Hammer, and it’s a good idea to play it alongside Sableye, so you can continually Junk Hunt them back and reuse them again. This is actually pretty handy since there isn’t a particular Fire type Pokemon which can easily fit into a Darkrai deck, and Crushing Hammer has some use in all your other match ups as well. You’ll have to be patient, but with a steady stream of heads from Crushing Hammers and Hypnotoxic Lasers to rack up damage on the opponent’s field, you should do enough to see the game out.