Hey guys!

As has been mentioned before in a couple of different articles before, right now the interests of the Pokémon playerbase are rather divided. There’s no less than three standard formats that you could possibly want to be playtesting in right now. Either you are going to Liverpool Regionals or some other kind of pre-Burning Shadows tournament so you’re basically still playing current format, or you’re going to the World Championships to play with Burning Shadows, or you’re not going to be playing much Pokémon until after rotation and you’re mostly interested in the Breakthrough-Burning Shadows format, if in any format.

Having spent an entire weekend playtesting for Liverpool myself, sometimes I feel the need to take a break from all that and do something else. I still want to play Pokémon, just not a current format.

If you worry that this will interfere with your ability to get a leg up on the competition post-Worlds, don’t be. There is still plenty of time until League Cups and new season’s Regionals will begin, and trying to test a metagame over a month in advance will rarely result in better finishes.

One of the things I tend to bust out at those times is Legacy, a PTCGO-exclusive format that I find a lot of fun.

I could tell you all about it in this article, but a while ago I actually made a video that sums up all you need to know about Legacy. I explain what it is, what decks are good, what cards are allowed, what engines these decks run and what it takes to get into it. Have a look if you’re looking to get away from standard for a second!