All the way back in November 2010, I launched ProPokemon to try and help bring more high quality Pokemon TCG content to players online. It doesn’t seem that long ago, but the game has changed so much in that time!

I remember playing in 16 person Regionals, City Championships in McDonalds restaurants, and the only major sources of Pokemon content online being Pokegym and SixPrizes. Winning deck lists were never posted publicly, and it was so much more difficult for new players to quickly become better at the game, or to understand which concepts were important when building a competitive deck that could win a major tournament. I remember my shock at realising Trainers were actually helpful, or that playing 25 energy in my deck wasn’t the best idea!

Now, we have almost weekly major tournaments around the World, held in huge convention centres, that have hundreds if not thousands of attendees and award hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. Along with this, the number of online resources where people can access quality content online has grown tremendously. It’s not just in the case of article based websites either – podcasts, Youtube videos, Twitch streams, and Facebook groups have all become extremely popular and useful resources to use.

It’s natural that as competition has increased, the number of visitors to our site has slowly fallen. What’s more, life gets in the way, and I haven’t been able to play in many Pokemon tournaments recently or give the time and energy to ProPokemon that it deserves and has received in the past.

That’s why while both myself and the writers have taken a while to deliberate, we eventually decided that none of us are able to continue ProPokemon in it’s current form, so unfortunately it will be closing soon this month. If you’re someone who has an interest in doing so, please let us know as soon as possible.

We sent out an email to all our Premium Membership subscribers, but incase you didn’t see it, we cancelled all Paypal subscriptions several weeks ago, so no one would be billed without receiving a full month of content afterwards. Don’t forget that your account is active until your next payment would have been due, so even though we cancelled your Paypal subscription, you still might be able to access the articles. We’d recommend saving any that you want to keep for future reference.

Thank you so much to anyone who visited our website, commented on any of our articles, subscribed to our Premium Membership service, wrote a piece of content for us, or shared an article of ours with their friends. It honestly means so much, and ProPokemon has been an amazing journey both for myself and our writers Mark and Alex.

We’ve really enjoyed producing content for all of you and hope that you found benefit from it!